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What is a library foundation?

What is Library Foundation FVRLFoundation Fort Vancouver

The Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation is more than a name

— it's a powerful commitment to fostering the love of learning, promoting the beauty of reading, and championing universal literacy. We work tirelessly to bolster the capacity of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries, allowing them to better serve the diverse needs of our communities. By supporting initiatives and projects beyond the reach of traditional library funding, we help to ensure that the libraries remain dynamic, innovative, and profoundly relevant in today's fast-paced, digital world. Through our endeavors, we underline the enduring significance of libraries as vital hubs of knowledge, discovery, and connection.



We strengthen and enhance Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries' capacity to dynamically serve its communities.


We engage with these communities to promote literacy, communicate the value of the Library, and inspire civic support.


We seek and welcome gifts to expand Library facilities, programs and services.


Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Guided by public needs and accessibility, the FVRL Foundation supports the mission of Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries, endorsing diverse literacy forms. By facilitating universal access to various information sources, we actively promote literacy and lifelong learning.

Passion for Reading

Reading is a life-enhancing activity for people of every age, religion and ethnic background. Creatively crafted words transport readers to diverse places, times and ways of thinking. Reading shares information and helps people to relate better to others.


The intellectual development and depth of a community is significantly enhanced when it is taught to value literacy, reading, and lifelong learning. Embracing these pillars not only fuels personal growth but also fosters a culture of curiosity, empathy, and shared knowledge, ultimately weaving a richer social fabric.

The FVRLF Library Foundation Staff

"Our vision is to be a leading library foundation. We strive to build public and private initiatives that provide opportunities to enrich life-long learning throughout our community. We intend to facilitate transformational programs that change lives."

~ The FVRL Foundation Staff


Rick Smithrud, Executive Director

Rick Smithrud FVRLFoundation staff

Rick has worked for a number of private colleges, public universities, and other nonprofit organizations for more than 40 years. One of his more interesting projects was raising funds and procuring materials for the reassembly and restoration of the Spruce Goose for the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.

He believes that building relationships with individuals and businesses in the community is the key to success for the Foundation. He wants to make sure people know about all of the things FVRL has to offer, and believes that the more people know about the library the more likely they will be to invest in its success.

During his tenure at FVRL Foundation, Rick has been amazed by the passion and dedication exhibited by the many donors and volunteers that support the various library branches. He is constantly impressed by the amount of time and effort given by so many loyal library supporters.

Why the Library:

“I have always wanted to work for organizations that enhance the lives of the people they serve. At the library, I see examples of that every day, whether it is a children’s storytime, a job search or resume writing class, or a community forum on homelessness. Literally, there is something here for everyone.”

Judy Musa, Business Development Officer

Judy Musa

Judy has been passionate about reading since childhood when riding her bike to the library was a favorite summer activity. Going to the library was as much a reward as going to the movies or swimming.

Fundraising and volunteering have always been a part of her life—in fact, she started fundraising campaigns in elementary school. But she didn't become an "official" fundraiser until she came to work at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation.

In her role with the Foundation, she assists the Friends of the Library groups across the district in their fundraising efforts, and she builds relationships with local communities and businesses to raise funds for FVRL's programs, events and building campaigns.

Why the Library:

"I love the fact that the library is still relevant today and has recreated itself to offer what is needed in our communities. The library is so much more than books! It is a place to find knowledge, inspiration, and creativity as well as a place where community discussions begin."

Christine Perry, Executive Assistant

Christine Perry

Christine has spent the majority of her career working in the nonprofit sector. She values the opportunities it brings to help change the world and give back to the community.

Working at the FVRL Foundation as its Executive Assistant has been new and fulfilling. She enjoys working behind the scenes to support the love of reading and community engagement, and she finds it a pleasure and a privilege to work with this team to further the mission of literacy and life-long learning.

Why the Library:

"My son is a voracious reader and might have up to 40 books checked out at any given time. I’m thankful for the library because I couldn’t afford to keep him reading without it!"

Mary Walsh, Senior Administrative Assistant

Mary Walsh

With a background in a variety of creative occupations and business office experience, Mary enjoys the diverse tasks the Foundation offers and feels at home as part of a community-oriented non-profit team. She received her first library card at age four and is still amazed by all of the services, resources, programs, technology, spaces, and materials that the library offers. She is thrilled to be able to support the library as part of the Foundation.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys exploring the beautiful ​Pacific Northwest, cooking (or anything to do with food, really), and reading something from her ever-present stack of library books.

Why the Library:

"The library is a community powerhouse for absolutely everyone. And it's free!"

Board of Directors

Debbie Jennerjohn

Debbie Jennerjohn - Board Chair

Owner, Ultimate Truck Service

Why the Library:

"Literacy has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember, starting when I was quite young and the Library bookmobile would come to my community in the summertime. I couldn't wait for my next adventure in the books, because when I was reading, I could escape my responsibilities for a while and go on an adventure. I still do this today and wish this for everyone! The Library is a great conduit to reach the most people and make the biggest impact in the community."

Jenny Brown FVRLFoundation 
Jenny Brown - Vice-Chair

Jenny Brown - Vice-Chair

Business Owner

Why the Library:

"The education that all are entitled to becomes a reality at the Library with its endless resources, a world of information, and an inclusive setting for everyone at every level. How could it not be the Library?"

Gail Young FVRLFoundation staff

Gail Young - Secretary

Community Member - Educator

Why the Library:

"The library has always been a place of calm for me...a kind of sanctuary. It’s where I studied in school, it’s where I could always find the children’s literature I needed while teaching, where I could ask a librarian about anything, where I’d take my kids for story time wherever we lived. The library is inclusive and it’s all about community. It’s a gift that has given me many hours of inspiration and delight...for all the time the library has given me, it’s time to give back to it!"

Rich Koplan

Rich Koplan - Treasurer

Community Member - Retired

Why the Library:

“I feel that the library for the young is a spring board to a good education, learning to enjoy reading. For the people of middle and advanced age it presents a wealth of reading and knowledge and learning about things beyond our day to day experience.”

Dan Clarks

Dan Clark

Commercial Real Estate Lender - iQ Credit Union

Why the Library:

"Ensuring that the children in our community have access to books and programs is essential to their development. When my children were growing up, we spent hours reading and going to the library as they learned and explored new worlds. My hope is that all the children in Clark County have the opportunity and access to books that will grow their minds as they become adults in our community. We have some of the best libraries in the country and that does not happen without a lot of work and dedication by staff, volunteers, and generous donors from the community."

Wendi Eaton

Wendi Eaton

Direct Lending Officer - Umpqua Bank

Why the Library:

“I am an avid reader and as a child into my adulthood it is not uncommon that I am reading several books at once. The library has always been a respite for me and I always feel safe and cozy inside those walls. When I started volunteering for FVRL, arranging and stacking books for a sale, I knew I had to be involved with the library directly again. In the library, anything is possible. Love, hope, equality, peace, justice….it’s all in there.”

Byron Molle

Community Member - Retired Educator

Why the Library:

"As a retired educator, I believe books have the power to add to the collective knowledge of our society. They provide an eye to the world and its endless possibilities too many people, especially the youth of our community.”

Kristi Spurgeon

Kristi Spurgeon

Marketing Manager, iQ Credit Union

Why the Library:

"A library is a link to a whole new world - actually, hundreds of worlds and adventures and histories and how-tos. I spent hours lost in the stacks of a library as a kid and still get lost inside a story any chance I get. The sense of majesty and mystery and connectedness one feels inside a library is hard to replicate anywhere else. Being able to help grow vibrant, inclusive libraries is a blessing!"

Financial Statements

The documents featured below reflect our commitment to responsible financial management and demonstrate how your support has helped us make a positive impact in our communities. Thank you for being part of our mission to create a brighter future for all through the power of literacy and education.