Our Purpose

Our Mission

  • We strengthen and enhance Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries' capacity to dynamically serve its communities.
  • We engage with these communities to promote literacy, communicate the value of the Library, and inspire civic support.
  • We seek and welcome gifts to expand Library facilities, programs and services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading library foundation. We strive to build public and private initiatives that provide opportunities to enrich life-long learning throughout our community. We make a good library system great.

Our Values

Literacy and Lifelong Learning
Libraries measure their missions against what the public wants, what services they can deliver and what information is accessible. Literacy comes in many forms, from printed materials to digital resources. By supporting Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries' mission, FVRL Foundation endorses universal access to numerous sources of information that in turn promote literacy and lifelong learning.
Passion for Reading
Reading is a life-enhancing activity for people of every age, religion and ethnic background. Creatively crafted words transport readers to diverse places, times and ways of thinking. Reading shares information and helps people to relate better to others.
The intellectual development and depth of a community is strengthened when it is taught to value literacy, reading and lifelong learning.