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Ridgefield Library Fund by FVRLFoundation
Ridgefield Community Library – Completed in July 2021
New Library in Woodland fund by FVRLFoundation from back
Woodland Community Library – Opening Late fall 2024
Washougal library Exterior View
Washougal Community Library – Currently fundraising


Woodland Library Found by FVRLFoundation from back

What we fund: New Woodland Community Library

Invest in the Woodland Community Library located at:
411 Lakeshore Avenue Woodland WA 98674

The project will include a new 7,500 +/- square foot public library in Woodland, Washington that will become a community hub where people can gather to learn new things, engage with others, and feel a sense of community. Our goal in building a bigger, better library in Woodland is to create a facility that will serve the needs of the community and strengthen the sense of community in Woodland. It is our hope that this library will be a place where everyone feels welcome and can find something that will benefit their lives.

"Our current facility is in need of expansion. The expansion would provide more space for children, adult, and community programs. I encourage you to continue building financial support from those in and around our community on the construction of a new Woodland library."

- Will Finn, Former Mayor, City of Woodland


What we fund: New Washougal Community Library. Invest in the Washougal Community Library that will be located on: Durgan Street, between Main and “C” streets.

Plans are underway for a new, approximately 13,000-square-foot public library in Washougal, Washington that will become a welcoming, cozy, and inspirational community hub. This new library will strengthen the downtown experience of Washougal, reflecting its climate, landscape, and culture while remaining flexible to the future needs and aspirations of the community. Our goal in building a bigger, better library in Washougal is to create a facility that will provide a safe, welcoming and comfortable space that will benefit everyone.


Washougal Exterior View


What we fund: FVRL’s annual Summer Learning Program (Summer at Your Library) is designed to support student success and reach youth with established needs all while getting books into the hands of those at risk.  It’s the goal of Summer at Your Library to nurture learning, strengthen communities and encourage library participation.

By securing community sponsors, FVRL Foundation raises funds to provide incentives so that every participant can choose at least one book as part of the challenge, as well as incentives to encourage participation and completion of the challenges and experiential learning activities.

Impact of Summer at Your Library 2023
Between branch based and outreach-based registrations, nearly 19,000 people participated. These numbers showed a 24% increase, the increase being primarily the result of taking the program beyond the walls of branch libraries and out into 34 different community sites such as day camps, summer meal sites, summer schools, and low-income housing complexes. 11,526 community members enjoyed more than 700 programs during the summer 2023.

What we fund: FVRL’s annual Teen Imagined Ink program attracts teen writers throughout the district to engage with readers and libraries in a unique way.

FVRL Foundation provides funding for prizes and incentives for participants and the winners.

Impact of Teen Ink in 2023
135 entries were received for the 2023 contest. Winners and runners up were selected from 7 branches and were awarded gift cards and were published in a collected eBook

What we fund: The Experience Pass program provides registered Library patrons with the ability to access local partner attractions for free, one visit to each attraction annually. Access to these passes provides district residents with a convenient and affordable way to explore more of what our communities have to offer.

Funding from FVRL Foundation is used to offset some of the cost for the passes for FVRL patrons.

Impact of Experience Passes in 2023
Currently, FVRL partners with ten organizations throughout Oregon and SW Washington that support lifelong learning. In 2023, 1,048 FVRL patrons printed an Experience Pass for one or more attractions.

What we fund: An annual district-wide community reads event that is designed for adults to engage with a topic of revolutionary importance. Generally, the events associated with the program include an author visit and presentation, as well as a number of book discussion groups, both in person and virtual. The goal is to engage adults in the entire district to share a reading experience with each other while raising the visibility of the library in our community as a premier cultural destination.

FVRL Foundation provides the funds for purchasing copies of the books for all interested adults in FVRL’s service area for distribution through the branch libraries.

Impact of Revolutionary Reads in 2024
The featured book for 2024 was Free: Two Years, Six Lives, and the Long Journey Home by Lauren Kessler. Kessler follows the lives of six individuals as they reintegrate into society following incarceration. It won the 2023 Oregon Book Award for Nonfiction and the 2023 Nautilus Award for Criminal Justice. Several events were held throughout FVRL District and recording can be accessed here:

Every other year What we fund: FVRL hosts a bookmark contest that offers a chance to showcase young artists throughout the district. The goal of the contest is to build creative confidence, encourage active and positive engagement with the library, and provide opportunities to engage with patron art throughout the year.

Printing of the bookmarks and prizes for the winners (including a kit of age-appropriate art supplies to encourage further creativity) is paid for by FVRL Foundation through funds raised through donations and community sponsors.

Impact of the Bookmark Contest in 2024
Approximately 2,850 patrons (K-12) participated with winners in five age categories (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12) being chosen from throughout the district. Winning bookmarks have been available in the library branches and at outreach events ever since.


FVRLFoundation Volunteer Support

Literacy Support

FVRL provides youth and their caregivers with literacy support with high quality, high interest reading materials that are delivered outside of the walls of FVRL’s branch libraries. These materials support outreach and partnership to sites serving systemically marginalized and low-income families. They also provide branch libraries with meaningful resources that they can distribute at local community events that can have a direct impact on literacy, even if families are unable to come into a library.

FVRL Foundation provides funding needed to provide these materials via outreach and partnership efforts to support youth throughout their literacy developing years, birth to age 12.

Staff Support

Both FVRL and the Foundation would be nothing without our people. The goal is to recognize those that do exceptional work while helping the different parts of the district feel like a more comprehensive group, all while helping to create a positive work environment and boost morale.

FVRL Foundation is pleased to assist FVRL in showing employees appreciation and helping them feel valued through providing funds that cover several awards that honor and recognize staff for a job well done.

Staff Support