Success Stories

“Hello Baby” Book Bags

Woman holding baby and Hello Baby bag

2005-2014: With a goal of encouraging parents to read to their babies and to make a connection to the library, these bags contained a free book, library information, parenting tips and a coupon to be redeemed for another free book at any branch or bookmobile in the district. The “Hello Baby” book bags were distributed in hospitals, clinics, and other places where parents of newborns frequented in the library district.

Funding Battle Ground Community Library Construction

Clear blue sky framing the from facade of the Battle Ground Community Library, with a clock near the peak, with three windows below, and an inviting bench on the sidewalk beside the main doors

2009: The Foundation supported the Friends of Battle Ground Community Library as they helped raise more than $3.2 million to build a new Battle Ground Community Library in the Battle Ground Village development.