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Rich Koplan - Treasurer

Community Member - Retired

Rich Koplan

Although he was born in California, Rich Koplan became a resident of the Pacific Northwest at a very young age, first in Portland, Oregon and then Vancouver the summer before Rich entered second grade. After high school, Rich attended Clark College and Cornish School of Allied Arts.

After graduating from Cornish, he began his career in retailing and interior design at Koplan’s Home Furnishings, where he spent the majority of his working life, and he is now enjoying retirement. Rich has also spent a great amount of time as a member of several service organizations, including the Fort Vancouver Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club of Greater Clark County. Rich has also been a lunch buddy at Hazel Dell Elementary School for several years and volunteers at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

Rich is blessed to have two fine sons from his first marriage and three wonderful granddaughters. In 2020, Rich happily married Laurel, a social worker who practices psychotherapy.

Rich has enjoyed using the Fort Vancouver Regional Library system for most of his life and remembers all too well the many hours he spent studying in the library when it was in the museum building downtown on Main Street.

Why the Library:

“I feel that the library for the young is a spring board to a good education, learning to enjoy reading. For the people of middle and advanced age it presents a wealth of reading and knowledge and learning about things beyond our day to day experience.”