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Kristi Spurgeon

Marketing Manager, iQ Credit Union

Kristi Spurgeon

Kristi Spurgeon is the marketing manager at iQ Credit Union where she loves spreading the brand’s Buffalo plaid and financial wellness throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite part of the job is helping her team explore their strengths and expand their perspectives.

She moved to Clark County from rural Eastern Washington seven years ago and is an experienced leader, marketer and communicator with a background in financial services, health care, and higher education.

Kristi grew up in a small town in California where her tiny school would walk to the local library every other week. Each trip, she would select 20 books—the library’s limit—and have them all finished well before the next trip. These library books opened entire worlds that she’d never have been able to immerse herself in otherwise.

Her favorite things are telling stories and asking questions. She also enjoys playing with her two young children, gardening, hiking with her pup, and of course, reading.

Why the Library:

"A library is a link to a whole new world - actually, hundreds of worlds and adventures and histories and how-tos. I spent hours lost in the stacks of a library as a kid and still get lost inside a story any chance I get. The sense of majesty and mystery and connectedness one feels inside a library is hard to replicate anywhere else. Being able to help grow vibrant, inclusive libraries is a blessing!"