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Jenny Brown - Vice-Chair

Business Owner

Jenny Brown FVRLFoundation Jenny Brown - Vice-Chair

Jenny was born and raised in the Vancouver area. When she was a child, her mother often didn't have the answers to her never-ending questions, but she assured her that the answer was "probably at the library!" After finishing school, she left the state and eventually moved overseas for over 15 years. LIfe was an adventure that she had only read about growing up, and wherever she landed, there were always books to keep her company. When she was asked to move to Saudi Arabia, she spent copious amounts of time at the library studying the country before saying yes.

Upon returning to the States, she and her partner purchased a wine distribution company in Vancouver, and their business is built around their involvement in the community.

Jenny is the ultimate volunteer for the community, and finds that life is a wonderful balance of an amazing partner, adoring dogs, and a zest for the outdoors that is boundless. She is a seasoned runner, hiker, and boater and a maniac about golf. Jenny is thrilled to be part of the FVRL Foundation Board and looks forward to more adventures.

Why the Library:

"The education that all are entitled to becomes a reality at the Library with its endless resources, a world of information, and an inclusive setting for everyone at every level. How could it not be the Library?"