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2023 Revolutionary Reads

    Revolutionary Reads


    Revolutionary Reads is an annual community reads program with the goal of galvanizing the southwest Washington community to read the same book, on a topic of revolutionary importance.  Revolutionary is defined as "involving or causing a complete and dramatic change" and/or "radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc."

    THE 2023 PROGRAM

    The 2023 program will focus on the Hanford Site, located on the Columbia River in Benton County, Washington.  This program will explore the past, present, and future impacts the decommissioned nuclear production complex has on the people, places, and encironment in Washington.

    Free copies of the book Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America by Joshua Frank will be available at all FVRLibraries locations.  These books are generously provided by FVRL Foundation.

    Schedule of events can be found on the FVRLibraries website: