Nick Foster

Assistant Vice President - US Bank - Andresen

Nick Foster has been working in the banking industry now for 10 years. Before banking he received his Master’s in Medieval European History at Portland State University. He currently teaches history classes for the University of Phoenix as an adjunct professor and has taught at Multnomah University as well.  Nick just recently stepped down from the US Bank Employee Development Board which was a board that focused on supporting non-profits in the communities around U.S. Bank, financial education of employees and the community, and employee career development.
Outside of his work life, Nick focuses on animal rescue, sitting on the board of two Akita rescue groups (Washington Akita Alliance, and Columbia River Akita Alliance), both of which are non-profit associations that focus on the rescuing and fostering of Akita’s as well as the education of the general populace about the breed.
Nick has a passion for education and literacy for all people. The community thrives when the populous has access to knowledge and he feels that there is no better way to help the community than through our public libraries.

Why the Library: 
“I support our local library because the dissemination of knowledge is paramount for a growing a strong society. The library provides a safe haven for our community to learn and develop. It is more than a place to store books, it is a center for knowledge, and knowledge is what empowers our community to thrive.”