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There is no greater treasure of knowledge in Southwest Washington than Fort Vancouver Regional Library District and no other institution that will benefit more from your support. Gifts now to FVRL Foundation will support programs at the FVRL District that will aid us all not only in our present, but also in our future.


What your gift will accomplish:

  • Provide lifelong learning opportunities for all Southwest Washington residents.
  • Ensure that the libraries offer the most up-to-date needed services and facilities for patrons.
  • Offer a wide range of programs that meet the needs of our increasingly diverse community.

How you can make a donation to FVRL Foundation:

By making a check payable to FVRL Foundation. You may download a printable donation form to mail to FVRL Foundation. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® in order to view the printable donation form. To download a free copy, click here. To get information on how to designate your gift for a specific purpose, discuss giving opportunities, or donate by credit card, contact Christine Perry at 360-906-4704 or by email,

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Corporate Partners

Corporate partners of FVRL Foundation have discovered the value of an association with Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, one of the most recognized library systems in the nation. Our library system is held in such high regard because it envisions and works to create a future where all individuals and families are eager and engaged lifelong learners.

Partnerships offer businesses of all sizes opportunities for:

  • Visibility in the community.
  • Targeted benefits that involve employees, entertain clients and reward leadership.
  • Leveraging involvement to further marketing strategies.
  • Satisfaction of supporting an organization that is focused on lifelong learning.


Some of the opportunities for sponsorship include:

  • Authors & Illustrators Dinner
  • Early Learning Programs
  • Adult Literacy Programs
  • Teen Reading Programs
  • Building Fund Events
  • Bookmark Contest
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Memorials and Tributes

Donors who wish to honor a family member or other special person are able to designate a gift in their name(s) to Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. Gifts may be made for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries or to memorialize a loved one.

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Create a Legacy

If you care deeply about Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, please consider a planned gift to FVRL Foundation in your will or estate plan. Gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, IRAs, insurance policies and real or personal property. Your gift will help provide resources for future generations of library users. In addition, you may receive financial benefits and tax savings. For more information on planned gifts, contact Rick Smithrud, 360-906-4705 or

You may use the following suggested language as you write your will or you may consider adding the language to your existing will as an amendment/codicil:

“I give and bequeath to Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation, doing business as FVRL Foundation, tax identification number 91-1456753, located in Vancouver, Washington the amount of $___________” (or state a specific percentage of your residual estate, or describe real or personal property, including the exact location of the property).

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Life Income Gifts

You can make an irrevocable transfer of assets to FVRL Foundation and receive in return, a lifetime income interest for specified beneficiaries (you, a family member or friend). These include charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable gift annuities and others.

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Life Insurance Policy

Naming FVRL Foundation as the beneficiary in your life insurance policy is a means of giving to the foundation.

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Retirement Plan Assets

Naming FVRL Foundation as the beneficiary in your retirement plan is another means of giving to the foundation.

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Securities may be gifted to FVRL Foundation. Gifts of securities are attractive for donors, especially if they have appreciated over the years. Capital gains to the donor are generally avoided and a significantly larger gift to FVRL Foundation may be realized.

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Giving of Your Time As a Volunteer

Volunteers of FVRL Foundation provide support for a variety of activities ranging from office assistance, to committee work, to special events such as the annual Authors & Illustrators Dinner.

FVRL Foundation welcomes help not only at special events, but also with other activities such as mailings.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact Christine Perry, 360-906-4704 or

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